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Details News Narratives and News Framing: Constructing Political Reality: Constructing Political Reality (Communication, Media, and Politics)

News Narratives and News Framing is a revealing look at how the media's construction of news affects our political, economic, and social realities. In this introduction to the theory behind news framing, Karen Johnson-Cartee pulls together elements ...

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Details It's Not News, It's Fark: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap As News: How Mainstream Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News

It's Not News, it's Fark From the creator of Fark, an exposé on the media gone awry, revealing the hysterical, often outrageous non-news that passes for newsworthy today Have you ever found yourself noticing certain patterns in the news you see and ...

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Details Really Great News - Female Coaster by Really Great News

Der Glasuntersetzer ist auch ein Bilderrahmen. Really Great News ist eine Marke von Lorrie Veasey. Es verfügt über eine lustige und praktische Seite Splitting Heiterkeit und snarky anschließen.

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Details Really Great News - Sexiest Man Coaster by Really Great News

Diese Untersetzer aus Glas sind ein Bilderrahmen sind Really Great News ist eine Marke von Lorrie Veasey. Design Sie hat, um lustige und funktionale mit seitlichen Aufteilung hilarity und snarky sentiments.

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Details Ivy + Bean No News Is Good News

Ivy and Bean: No News is Good News: Book 8 Ivy and Bean need some money. Ten dollars, to be exact. Never mind what for. Okay, it's for low-fat Belldeloon cheese in a special just-for-you serving size. Don't ask why. How are Ivy and Bean going to make ...

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Details Filtering The News

Filtering the News Argues that there are five classes of "filters" that determine what is "news." Full description

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Details Huey Lewis & the News (Mini Lp

Huey Lewis & The News - Huey Lewis & The News [Japan LTD Mini LP CD] TOCP-70588

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Details The Power of News

The Power of News This text examines the US news media's emergence as a major institution of modern society, a repository of common knowledge and cultural authority. It shows how news, by making knowledge public, actually changes the character of ...

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Details World News Prism, 8th Edition

Fully revised and updated, the eighth edition of The World News Prism analyzes the changing role of transnational news media in the 21st-century globalized world and its impact on rapidly changing news events. * Includes a new chapter dedicated to ...

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Details Good News for People Who Love [Vinyl LP]


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Details Chicken Noodle News: A CNN Whodunit

Chicken Noodle News Chicken Noodle News is the story of how mavericks, misfits and dreamers faced huge odds (and sometimes each other) to build the world's first all news network. CNN hired some professional people and some who pretended to be TV ...

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Details News, Gender and Power

News, Gender and Power Addresses the pressing questions of how gender shapes the forms, practice, institutions and audiences of journalism, and explores the multiple interconnections between news, gender and power. Full description

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Details Bring Me Good News

Lucer - Bring Me Good News [Japan CD] BKMY-1016

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Details Swing News

Joscho STEPHAN Swing News CD

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Details Ramblin' Boy & Ain't That News

Tom Paxton - Ramblin' Boy/ain't That News - Cd

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Details Warning Signs: The Good News Is That the Bad News Is Wrong

Collection of best columns that Alan Caruba has written about environmentalism, animal rights, energy issues, the education system, immigration policies, United Nations, Islamic Holy War and others. These columns have appeared in major newspapers ...

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Details News from Brazil-Bossa Nova

Eliana & Booker Pittman - News From Brazil -Bossa Nova [Japan LTD Mini LP CD] THCD-282

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Details Race, Myth and the News

Race, Myth and the News How are the perceptions of the majority culture, the preferred readings', reflected in television news? How do they reinforce stereotyped attitudes on race? This interpretive analysis presents evidence of racism, including ...